Qualities of Good Women Slippers

It is projected that in our average life duration, we use our feet to walk the equal of five times the circumference of our planet earth. Yet we hardly ever give our feet and our footwear desired attention beyond aesthetics.

Shoes in fact are the most important part of people’s attire, as no other piece of clothing must fit so accurately and perform important mechanical functions like transferring body weight.

Aside from instant foot discomfort, incorrect footwear may lead to issues with the lower legs, hips, knees and lower back.

There are many characteristics to good slippers for women. Usually, price is not a thing as the good slipper may be cheaper than unsuitable slippers, and renowned brands are not an assurance of a quality shoe. In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss qualities of good slippers.


There must be an adjustable strap like Velcro or laces, which allows you to adjust straps depending on your needs.


The slippers heel support should be stable as well as soft, averting horizontal or vertical heel movement.

Roomy enough

There should be enough room at the front of the slipper for your toes. During walking your foot both lengthens up and spreads out to one centimeter in both directions. So, you should choose slippers that are longer than your longest toe.

Max 2.5cm (1 inch) heel

The slipper’s heel must not be more than 2.5cm in height. Else, the heel and ankle become more unbalanced and therefore vulnerable to sprains and forefoot pain.

In good condition

Observe your footwear and throw away slippers that are too worn-down, as such, slippers have often lost some of their essential functions. Continuing to walk in worn-out slippers increases the stress and force on your legs and joints, which can lead to injuries.

You should always buy slippers after considering all the above discussed factors to ensure utmost comfort. Further, you can also buy quality and comfortable ladies chappal online from the top manufacturers at affordable prices.